Parcom, LLC began when Vincent Schibi was 23 and had just graduated from college when he and his mother opened a small phone store on August 1, 1983, inside his grandfather’s former grocery store in Parsons, KS. At the time AT&T was in the middle of their break-up and people could finally own their own phone. Schibi started his business by going into residences and installing all of their phones, while the store sold the latest colors of rotary dial phones. Schibi began to install commercial phone systems in 1985  and Parcom now services over 600 businesses in the four state area.

In 1992, a new industry emerged with the coming of cell phones. With an agreement with Kansas Cellular they began selling bag phones for people’s vehicles. The cell phone side of the business continued to grow and in 1997 Alltel took over Kansas Cellular. Verizon acquired the Alltel Midwest market in October of 2009. With great customer service during and after the sale, Parcom has been at the top in single store location sales for the last 20 years.

In 2014 Parcom merged with Columbus Telephone Company, a 109 year old telecom that has remained successful because of the same personal service that made Parcom successful. Today, Parcom, LLC is a joint effort between CTC and Vincent Schibi. The new company currently operates stores in Parsons, KS and Columbus, KS with plans to add more in the future. Now after more than 30 years in business, Parcom denotes it’s success to the customers in the area that have remained loyal to them throughout the years.